Suchanat Boonkaew

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Suchanat Boonkaew

Nickname: Meen
Tel. no: +48 22 343 3328

Web Profiles: Researchgate

Research Interests:
My research aims to develop a miniaturized analytical device, such as paper-based analytical device, electrochemical biosensor and immunosensor, and point-of-care testing device. Within my Ph.D. project my research was focused on “an electrochemical paper-based immunosensor for essential biomarkers detection”. A new paper-based electrochemical device platform was developed for the detection of various biomarkers and diagnostic applications. Consequently, the next part of my study and future goals intend to apply electrochemical techniques for diagnostic applications. Also, I intend to look at the multiplexed electrochemical sensor integrated with the microfluidic system.

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