Present funding

Ion-transfer between immiscible liquids in a paper-based setup

Spectroelectrochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease – a study of a new potential therapeutic molecule

Microfluidic cells for high-throughput multiple response analyses – UpTurn

Participation in external projects

Finished projects

From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA | PD2PI Project: Scalable electrosynthesis of dimensionally confined, high purity conducting polymers at electrified soft interfaces for energy conversion and storage (SOFT-ELECTROSYNTHESIS)

Practical electroanalysis: summer school and e-course

Optical analysis of products of electrochemical processes in picolitre volumes

From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA | PD2PI Project: Microfluidic System for Solar Energy Conversion

Electrochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease – voltammetric studies of newly discovered β-amyloids

Moving interfaces: Transfer of ions and molecules between phases in hydrodynamic systems

Simultaneous determination of chosen neurotransmitters in hydrodynamic conditions

Studies on neuro- and hepatotoxicity in three dimensions – cell culture scaffold with integrated electrodes.

Genesis of dendritic spine head protrusion (SHP) formation

Droplets and bubbles. Electrochemical processes in microfluidics

Capturing the flow: 3D-electrodes for enzymatic redox reactions in microfluidic channels

Generation-Collection Electrochemistry in Hydrodynamic Systems

INTREPID Forensics

Swiss Contribution – Electrocatalysis at microdroplets

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