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NFC Smartphone-Based Electrochemical Microfluidic Device Integrated with Nanobody Recognition for C-Reactive Protein

In a follow-up from our previous paper on point-of-care sensors for C-reactive protein (CRP), an article based on the same principle was just published in ACS Sensors. There are two main differences: instead of a peptide as recognition element, we used a nanobody, and we used a new smartphone-based potentionstat. […]

Magdalena’s Scientific Journey in Spain: Unveiling the Secrets of Spectroelectrochemistry

In a promising start to the year, Magdalena embarked on a 6-month research internship in Spain. Her destination: the University of Burgos, where she would delve into the fascinating intersection of electrochemical measurements and spectroscopic techniques. Magdalena’s passion for combining these fields led her to join the research group of Professor Alvaro Conlia, a renowned expert in spectroelectrochemical […]

Investigation of peptides for molecular recognition of C-reactive protein – theoretical and experimental studies

Some papers just glide through review and get published with seemingly minimal effort. This is not one of those! After more than a year being bumped between different journals and arguments with both editors and reviewers it is finally out. The manuscript is Kasia’s brainchild. Her main line of work […]