The research group in focussed on electrochemistry in hydrodynamic system, such as microfluidics, rotating disk systems and similar. We have two main branches of our research; studies of ion transfer between immiscible liquids and studies of bioelectrocatalytic processes by enzymes. Both of these fields are studied under static and hydro­dynamic conditions. In addition to this we try to use our setups for analytical studies and for development of the systems themselves. Experiments are complemented with computer simulations, mainly using Comsol.

RDE-BODThe study of enzyme reactions are performed both with an eye towards applications in sensing and biofuel cells as well as for fundamental studies of enzyme kinetics and inhibition. We perform measurements using both rotating disk electrodes (RDE) as well as in microfluidic systems. Both of these systems are forced convective systems; although microfluidics offers a larger array of possible electrode materials and easier modification, RDE is more user friendly.

We are also working on developing new materials for electrode modification that can be used for sensing purposes or for ensuring proper immobilisation and electron transfer between enzymes and the electrode.

In the sensing area we are working with an eye towards application in biology. One important aspect is to be able to measure background concentrations of various neurotransmitters in real biological systems. Another is to monitor and characterise cell-cultures during their growth.

Recently we started a project together with Warsaw University of Technology to combine electrochemistry with optical interferometry.


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