Hydroxyquinolinate diarylboron complexes for photocatalytic activity

Our group is open to scientific cooperation, which always brings good results and sometime also good publications =). 

This time, scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology proposed a collaboration with Magda that resulted in a publication in Dyes and Pigments.1

The group from WUT is known for the synthesis of boron-containing organic compounds which are not only dyes but also exhibit photocatalytic properties. In the framework of this article, six compounds were synthesized and characterized by multiple techniques. The group at WUT performed UV-vis measurements, computational calculations and photocatalytical tests. Magda conducted electrochemical studies for the obtained boron compounds. If you are interested, we refer you to the article

  1. K. Durka, T. Kliś, M. Piszcz, M. Z. Wiloch, F. Witkowski
    Hydroxyquinolinate diarylboron complexes for photocatalytic activity, Dyes Pigm. (Accepted). (link)

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