Wojciech Adamiak – List of publications

No of citations (without autocitations): 51, h=5.
As per 2017-08-01.

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Scientific journals


17. M. Kundys, M. Nejbauer, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka , W. Adamiak
Generation–Collection Electrochemistry Inside a Rotating Droplet, Anal. Chem. 89, 8057–8063.


16. M. Kundys, W. Adamiak, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Rotating droplet as a new alternative for small volume electrochemical measurements, Electrochem. Commun. 72, 46-49 (2016).

15. J. Jedraszko, O. Krysiak, W. Adamiak, W. Nogala, H. H. Girault, M. Opallo
H2O2 Generation at a Carbon-Paste Electrode with Decamethylferrocene in 2-Nitrophenyloctyl Ether as a Binder: Catalytic Effect of MoS2 Particles, ChemElectroChem 3, 1400–1406 (2016).

14. W. Adamiak, D Kaluza, M Jönsson-Niedziolka
Compatibility of organic solvents for electrochemical measurements in PDMS-based microfluidic devices, Microfluid. Nanofluid. 20, 127 (2016).

13. W. Adamiak, J. Jedraszko, W. Nogala, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, S. Dongmo, G. Wittstock, H. H. Girault, and M. Opallo
A Simple Liquid–Liquid Biphasic System for Hydrogen Peroxide Generation, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 20011–20015 (2015). (link)

12. J. Jedraszko, W. Nogala, W. Adamiak, S. Dongmo, G. Wittstock, H.H Girault, M. Opallo
Catalysis at the Room Temperature Ionic Liquid|Water Interface: H2O2 Generation, Chem. Commun. DOI: 10.1039/C5CC01480H (2015) (link)

11. C. Hidalgo-Acosta, M.A. Mendez, M.D. Scanlon, H. Vrubel, V. Amstutz, W. Adamiak, M. Opallo, and H.H. Girault
Catalysis of Water Oxidation in Acetonitrile by Iridium Oxide Nanoparticles, Chem. Sci. 6, 1761-1769 (2015) (link)


10. W. Adamiak, J. Jedraszko, O. Krysiak, W. Nogala, J.C. Hidalgo-Acosta, H.H. Girault, and M. Opallo
Hydrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide Formation in Trifluorotoluene-Water Biphasic Systems, J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 23154–23161 (2014) (link)

9. D. Kaluza, W. Adamiak, M. Opallo, and M. Jönsson-Niedziolka
Comparison of Ion Transfer Thermodynamics at Microfluidic and Droplet Based Three Phase Electrodes, Electrochim. Acta 132, 158–164 (2014) (link)

8. J. Jedraszko, W. Nogala, W. Adamiak, H.H. Girault, M. Opallo
Scanning Electrochemical Miscroscopy Determination of Hydrogen Flux at Liquid-Liquid Interface with Potentiommetric Probe, Electrochem. Commun. 43, 22–24 (2014) (link)


7. D. Kaluza, W. Adamiak, T. Kalwarczyk, K. Sozanski, M. Opallo, and M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
The Anomalous Effect of Flow Rate on the Electrochemical Behavior at a Liquid|Liquid Interface under Microfluidic Conditions, Langmuir 29, 16034–16039 (2013) (link)

6. J. Jedraszko, W. Nogala, W. Adamiak, E. Rozniecka, I. Lubarska-Radziejewska, H.H. Girault, and M. Opallo
Hydrogen peroxide generation at liquid-liquid interface under conditions unfavorable for proton transfer from aqueous to organic phase, J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 20681–20688 (2013) (link)


5. W. Adamiak; G. Shul, E. Rozniecka, M. Satoh, J. Chen, and M. Opallo
Voltammetry of Mn(III) Porphyrin in Trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium Tris(pentafluoroethyl)trifluorophosphate Supported Toluene in Contact with Aqueous Electrolyte, Electroanalysis 28, 1921–1927 (2011) (link)


4. J. Strutwolf, C.J. Collins, W. Adamiak, and D.W.M. Arrigan
Potentiometric Investigation of Protonation Reactions at Aqueous-Aqueous Boundaries Within a Dual-stream Microfluidic Structure, Langmuir 26, 18526–18533 (2010) (link)

3. W. Adamiak, M. Opallo
Electrochemical Redox Processes of Fullerene C60 and Decamethylferrocene Dissolved in Cast 1,2-Dichlorobenzene Film in Contact with Aqueous Electrolyte, J. Electroanal. Chem. 643, 82–88 (2010) (link)


2. W. Adamiak, G. Shul, and M. Opallo
Anion Sensitive Voltammetry of Fullerene C60 Dissolved in 1,2-Dichlorobenzene Deposit in Contact with Aqueous Electrolyte, Electrochem. Commun. 11, 149–152 (2009) (link)


1. G. Shul, W. Adamiak, and M. Opallo
Ion Insertion into Ionic Liquid Supported Toluene Generated by Electrochemical Redox Reaction, Electrochem. Commun. 10, 1201–120412 (2008) (link)

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