Julia’s Australian Internship: Science, Sun, Beaches, and Wildlife.

Julia is nearing the end of her 2.5-month internship at Curtin University in Perth. She joined the research group of Professor Damien Arrigan to expand her knowledge of ion transfer measurements between two immiscible liquids (ITIES). At the beginning of March she and Martin travelled to Perth to plan for the measurements. As Martin left after a week, Julia stayed on for further exploration.

Professor Arrigan is a renowned specialist in electrochemistry at liquid-liquid (oil-water) interfaces, especially in the miniaturization of these interfaces for chemical and biochemical sensing. Under his guidance, Julia is testing the possibility of using organogel in a glass membrane system with 100 micropores. Her main goal is to measure protein in the organogel micropore system.

Beyond the confines of the laboratory, Julia’s adventures in Australia’s National Parks have been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite the notorious reputation of the local wildlife, she has safely navigated through the bush, her path unmarred by venomous creatures. Instead, her journey has been graced by the delightful company of Australia’s iconic fauna, including koalas, kangaroos, and the irresistibly adorable quokkas.

This unique blend of scientific pursuit and cultural immersion has been made possible through the OPUS 21 grant from NCN, with Martin as the principal investigator. 

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