Martin appointed professor

In March this year the president of Poland finally signed Martin’s application for a full professorship. The application was submitted to Rada Doskonałości Naukowej (the Council for Scientific Excellence) at the end of April 2023 (just before the rules, and forms, changed on May 1st).

After getting five positive reviews, the council finally decided to approve the application on Dec 29th 2023 and pass it along to the president of the country, who formally appoints professors. The president sat on this for yet another few months until he finally signed the document, formally appointing Martin to the title of professor on March 18. Since it is the president that formally appoints professors in Poland, the title of full professor is often referred to as “Profesor Belwederski”, after the neoclassical palace Belweder in Warsaw that has on and off served as official residence or official seat of the president.

On April 22, the Scientific Council of our institute voted to hire Martin on the position of full professor. This is because professor is both a title (given by the president) and an academic position (from the university/institution).

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