Simultaneous determination of chosen neurotransmitters in hydrodynamic conditions.

Funding source: Polish National Science Centre (NCN)

Project number: NCN 2016/23/N/ST4/02702

PI: Magdalena Kundys

Total funding: 84 000 PLN

Short description:

Nowadays electrochemical methods used to detection of neurotransmitters are focused on determination of a single kind of neurotransmitter. Methods already available allows for detecting them in high concentrations. In the project we will use a new rotating droplet method and develop the appropriate electrode surface modifications which enable us to detect certain neurotransmitters in presence of interferents simultaneously and selectively. The new approach to the topic allow us to expect the detection limits to be lower than obtained so far. The preparation of the proper modification and lowering the detection limit with usage of the forced convection methods is the basis for detection neurotransmitters in the cell media and later can be transferred to detection of the neurotransmitters in the human body.

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M. Podrażka, E. Bączyńska, M. Kundys, P. S. Jeleń, E. Witkowska Nery
Electronic Tongue—A Tool for All Tastes?, Biosensors 8, 3 (2018). (link OA)(blog)

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