Generation-Collection Electrochemistry in Hydrodynamic Systems

Funding source: Polish National Science Centre (NCN)

Project number: NCN 2014/15/D/ST4/03003

PI: Wojciech Adamiak

Total funding: 338 589 PLN

Short description:

Abstract_Scheme1The project is about electrochemical processes in generator-collector systems. In such systems electrochemical processes occur simultaneously at two electrodes (generator and collector) and the product of the generator reaction is consumed in the collector reaction. As a result, the initial substrate is regenerated which leads to a significant amplification of the recorded currents, both at the generator and the collector electrode.The current amplification is typically used for analytical purposes (neurotransmitters determination, surface probing) where it is used for evaluation of the target analytes concentration. What limits the amplification magnitude though is slow diffusion of the electroactive species between the electrodes, and the fact that some part of electrogenerated species diffuse away from the electrodes to the bulk solution phase. A typical solution of this problem is to construct electrochemical cells with the interelectrode distance less than a micrometer, which unfortunately requires more sophisticated fabrication techniques, like focused ion beam lithography. An alternative and much simpler solution is to perform the measurement under hydrodynamic conditions where fast convective mass transport dominates over slow diffusion. Therefore, the aim of this project is to explore and understand generation-collection electrochemical processes under hydrodynamic conditions.


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M. Kundys, M. Nejbauer, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka , W. Adamiak
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