Microfluidic devices for photo-and spectroelectrochemical applications

Together with our partners in the UPTURN project we wrote a short review article1 about the use of combining electrochemical and optical methods in microfluidic systems. The goal of UPTURN is to create a suitable microfluidic platform for multiparametric measurements. This was a good opportunity to summarise what is available in the literature and what engineering and processing challenges need to be considered.

  1. R. Bogdanowicz, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, E. Vereshchagina, A. Dettlaff, S. Boonkaew, M. Pierpaoli, P. Wittendorp , S. Jain, F. Tyholdt, J. Thomas, P. Wojcik
    Microfluidic devices for photo- and spectroelectrochemical applications, Curr. Opin. Electrochem. (accepted) (link)

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