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NFC Smartphone-Based Electrochemical Microfluidic Device Integrated with Nanobody Recognition for C-Reactive Protein

In a follow-up from our previous paper on point-of-care sensors for C-reactive protein (CRP), an article based on the same principle was just published in ACS Sensors. There are two main differences: instead of a peptide as recognition element, we used a nanobody, and we used a new smartphone-based potentionstat. […]

Electrochemical determination of neurotransmitter serotonin using boron/nitrogen co-doped diamond-graphene nanowall-structured particles

Recently another paper was published in collaboration with our UpTurn partners from Gdańsk University of Technology. Meen was investigating novel carbon materials from the Bogdanowicz group to be used for detection of serotonin. We have previously tested several different types of carbon materials for neurotransmitter detection,,, and these particles from […]

Microfluidic devices for photo-and spectroelectrochemical applications

Together with our partners in the UPTURN project we wrote a short review article about the use of combining electrochemical and optical methods in microfluidic systems. The goal of UPTURN is to create a suitable microfluidic platform for multiparametric measurements. This was a good opportunity to summarise what is available […]