Where to meet us this summer!

Now that conference travel is back on the cards, we have some trips planned for the coming months. This is where you can meet us this summer1:

Who is going?Title of presentation
LSDCh, Łódź, PolandWeronikaElektrochemiczne pomiary przepływowo-
wstrzykowe z użyciem układu z dwoma pompami
241st ESC meeting, Vancouver, CanadaEmilia
ElaAntifouling strategies for electrochemical sensors in cell culture application
WojtekSimultaneous detection of neurotransmitters using carbon nanomaterials
KarthikaLow-Cost ITO Microelectrodes for Bio-Sensing and Impedance Based Cellular Assays.
Matrafured 2022, Visegrad, HungaryKarthikaElectroanalysis of neurotransmitter mixtures using a paper-based e-tongue system
MartynaElectrochemical studies of ionophore-analyte interaction at a liquid/liquid interface
Annual Meeting European Organ-on-Chip Society, Grenoble, FranceElaOxygen electrochemical sensors in 3D hydrogel scaffold cell cultures
ISE regional meeting, Prague, CzechiaBrenPEDOT Thin Films at Polarized Liquid Interfaces using Fenton Chemistry: Formation and Characterization
MagdalenaElectrochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease.
Redox differences between Cu(II) complexes with Aβ(11-16) and its pyroglutamate counterpart pAβ(11-16)
ISE 73rd Annual Meeting, OnlineBrenElectropolymerization of Interfacial Conducting Polymer Thin Films using Fenton’s reagent at a Polarized Liquid-Liquid Interface
Electrochemistry 2022, Berlin, GermanyMartinElectrochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease.
Redox differences between Cu(II) complexes N-terminated β-amyloids and their pyroglutamate counterparts
BDD modified screen-printed electrodes for detection of neurotransmitters with excellent antifouling properties
BrenInterfacial electropolymerisation at soft polarized interfaces using Fenton chemistry
WojtekComparison of carbon nanomaterials for neurotransmitters detection
KarthikaShades of Prussian Blue: Photonic Curing as a synthesis method of stable analogues
PTChem, Lublin, PolandWeronika
242nd ECS Meeting, Atlanta, GA, USABrenFenton Chemistry at Polarized Liquid-Liquid Interfaces for Interfacial Electropolymerization
* To be confirmed

Below are some photos from the conferences:

  1. This post will be updated as information comes in

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