Applications accepted

foto: Juan Ramón MartosThe results of the latest application round from the Polish National Science Centre were announced this week. It was a good day for our groups, with a 100% application success rate.

Wojtek had applied for a Sonata grant that was financed for two years. The title of the project is “Procesy elektrochemiczne w układach generator-kolektor w warunkach hydrodynamicznych” (Electrochemical processes in generation-collection systems under hydrodynamic conditions.)

Martin had submitted a small project to Opus and also managed to sneak it through the eye of the needle. His project, financed for two years, has the title “Chwytając przepływ: elektrody 3D do zastosotwań w reakcjach enzymatycznych w układach mikroprzepływowych.” (Catching the flow: 3D electrodes for enzymatic reactions in microfluidic systems.)

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