ISE annual meeting in Bologna

Posing in front of the conference venue, from left: Martin, Emilia, Marta, Magdalena, Paulina, Ewa.

Almost the whole group went to the ISE annual meeting, this year organised in Bologna, Italy. Apart from lots of cool science, many new contact, meeting with old friends the week also included some sight-seeing and a good deal of lovely Italian food.

Martin giving his talk. (photo by Adam Kołodziej)

The group presented five posters during the meeting, most of them were well visited and many people seemed interested in our work. The titles of the posters were:

  • Paulina Jeleń et al.: Enzyme Inhibition in Continuous Flow Measurements in Microfluidic Device
  • Magdalena Kundys et al.: Detection of Multiple Neurotransmitters Using Nanoparticles – A Rotating Droplet System
  • Ewa Bączyńska et al.: Electrochemical glutamate biosensor – tool for in vitro neuroplasticity studies
  • Emilia Witkowska Nery et al.: Electrochemical analysis in 2D and 3D cell cultures – harnessing oxidase enzymes and ion transfer
  • Marta Podrażka et al.: Ion Transfer Processes in Paper-Based Three Phase Electrode System

Additionally, Martin gave a talk on the last day of the conference with the title “Transfer of Anions and Cations Between Immiscible Liquids in Paper-Based Electrochemical Systems”.

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