Student electrochemistry conference

Screenshot of the conference webpage, showing the title of the conference.

Last month, Ela, Karthika and Andrzej as a members of organizing Committee, organized the Graduate Student Symposium on Advantageous Electrochemistry, belonging to the ISE Satellite Regional Student Meeting. Due to the pandemic situation, the symposium was held on Zoom platform, which allowed us to host participants from 22 different countries. The vast majority of attendances were doctoral students.

During two days of conference, there were four keynote lectures, including one entitled “ORR and HER at liquid-liquid interface” given by Prof. Marcin Opallo, Director of the IPS PAS. The other keynote lecturers were: Dr. Wojciech Nogala, ISE representative for Poland, from IPC PAS; Dr. Marta Jarczewska from Warsaw University of Technology and Prof. Rodrigo Munoz from Federal University of Uberlândia in Brazil.

The main element of the conference were student contributed presentations. They covered the main areas of electrochemistry such as fundamental electrochemistry, charge transfer, electrosynthesis and electrocatalysis, energy generation and storage, molecular recognition and biosensors. During the conference, a competition for the best presentation took place, which won Zuzanna Zarach from
Gdańsk University of Technology.

We hope, that next year we all meet live instead!

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