Magdalena’s Scientific Journey in Spain: Unveiling the Secrets of Spectroelectrochemistry

In a promising start to the year, Magdalena embarked on a 6-month research internship in Spain. Her destination: the University of Burgos, where she would delve into the fascinating intersection of electrochemical measurements and spectroscopic techniques. Magdalena’s passion for combining these fields led her to join the research group of Professor Alvaro Conlia, a renowned expert in spectroelectrochemical (SEC) methods.

Professor Colina specializes in UV-Vis SEC and Raman SEC. Under his guidance, Magdalena is conducting SEC measurements for a new potential molecule against Alzheimer’s Disease. The crux of her investigation lies in understanding the redox reactions this compound undergoes and the resulting oxidation/reduction products. Such insights are crucial for assessing the toxicity of this potential drug.

Beyond the lab, Magdalena immerses herself in the charming and historic town of Burgos.

This opportunity to explore Spain both scientifically and culturally is because of the Sonatina grant from NCN that Magda is PI of.

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