Moving interfaces: Transfer of ions and molecules between phases in hydrodynamic systems

Funding source: Polish National Science Centre (NCN)

Project number: NCN 2015/18/E/ST4/00319

PI: Martin Jönsson-Niedziółka

Total funding: 1 161 156,00 PLN

Short description:

On the left a schematic view of a proposed setups for a microfluidic system with non-mixing liquids, in this case with one moving liquid and one stationary. On the right, a system where both liquids are moving.
On the left a schematic view of a proposed setup for a microfluidic system with non-mixing liquids, in this case with one moving liquid and one stationary. On the right, a system where both liquids are moving.

As microfluidics is becoming more important technologically, it is imperative to gain a better understanding of the processes in such systems. We will establish a new research group for studying electrochemistry in novel microfluidic systems to understand and describe processes of ion transfer across liquid-liquid interfaces in biphasic hydrodynamic systems. Many analytical and synthesis methods rely on the partitioning of ions in different phases – sometimes through a membrane other times without. Microfluidics allows precise control of the hydrodynamic conditions which have a great influence of the electrochemical response. Incorporating electrowetting (EWOD) into these systems adds an additional mean of controlling the hydrodynamic behaviour. Understanding the processes of ion transfer in microfluidics is a starting point for development of of lab on-a-chip type platforms for new medical diagnostics tools (for example, multi-ion sensors for blood analysis), in pharmacy for drugs synthesis, and in industry for real-time monitoring of technological processes.

In particular, the field of ion transfer in biphasic flows is presently a poorly understood area. There are several fundamental questions which are presently unknown that will be addressed during the project such as: Can we find a model that describes ion transfer as a function of the ion concentrations, hydrophobicity and flowrates of the two phases? How do the EWOD parameters affect the ion transfer energy? And even very basic questions such as what do voltammograms look like in these kind of flow systems and in EWOD systems are still unanswered.


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