New IAESTE-student – Sotiria

A warm welcome to our new student, Sotiria Kyriakou, who will work in our lab for three months as an exchange student through the IAESTE programme. Sotiria is a chemical engineer who recently graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). During her studies she specialised in biomedical engineering and was working on a research project about osteoarthritis. As a result of this research her diploma thesis title was “Intra-articular injections in osteoarthritis: In vivo evaluation of synovial fluid rheological properties from equine pathological joints”.

She has also participated in a project designing a hybrid fuel cell car, powered by a combination of a microbial and a hydrogen fuel cell. This knowledge about electrochemistry will be useful as Sotiria will mainly be working with Paulina on studies of oxygen reduction using bilirubin oxidase and construction of a microfluidic biofuel cell.

Welcome Sotiria and hope the warm Warsaw summer will make you feel almost like at home.

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