Rotating droplet as a new alternative for small volume electrochemical measurements

Rotating dropletA paper from Magda’s work with a rotating droplet as alternative to rotating disc electrodes for electrochemical measurements in small volumes was just accepted in Electrochemistry Communications. This is a development of an idea from Limoges’s group in Paris, where they used a rotating disc electrode (RDE) to spin a droplet for making kinetic electrochemical measurements in a very small volume system. This is as an alternative for measurements using RDEs, where the amount of solution needed is at least a few order of magnitude larger.

In our set-up we use the ring and the disc in the RRDE-tip as reference and counter electrodes. In this way we don’t need to use a screen-printed electrode with RE and CE together. Instead we can use any working electrode that flat enough. We demonstrate this by using carbon nanoparticle modified ITO coated glass as WE with immobilised bilirubin oxidase for oxygen reduction.

We are now working on a paper where we compare the results from the rotating droplet with calculations in Comsol, but so far we have had problems getting the rotation in the lower part of the droplet to function well in the computer simulation. The damping of the motion is too large. Hopefully we will be able to solve this problem quickly, but if anyone has any ideas we are all ears.

Freely available here until 27 Oct, 2016

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