New group member – Vishwanath R. S.

vishwanathThe second of the two students recruited to our Sonata Bis project, Vishwanath R. S., just started working with us.

Vishwanath  finished his masters in organic chemistry from Christ University in Bangalore, India. After that he was a short term Research fellow at REVA University, in a research project funded by DST-India. There he worked on thin films for electroanalytical applications – mainly in Photo/electrochemical hydrogen evolution reactions, electrochemical supercapacitors, and methanol oxidation reactions.

Vishnawath will join the group working on investigations of ion transfer between immiscible liquids and see how it is affected by various hydrodynamic conditions.

We all wish him very welcome to the group and hope that he will enjoy his work with us as well as his stay in Poland.

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