New students – Iga, Julia, and Wojtek

From left: Julia, Iga, Wojtek.

Maybe a little late news, but since the beginning of the academic year we have three new PhD students: Iga, Julia, and Wojtek.

Iga Malicka is a graduate from Warsaw University and is currently working in the UpTurn-project and will be doing electrochemistry in microfluidic systems.

Julia Maciejewska-Komorowska is a former master student in the group and a graduate from Warsaw University of Technology who will continue her work on liquid-liquid electrochemistry in paper-based systems.

Wojtek Mazurkiewicz is also a former master student and WUT graduate and he will work in Emilia’s Sonata on detection of neurotransmitters using a combination of liquid-liquid and solid-liquid electrochemistry.

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