New student – Elżbieta Jarosińska

From the beginning of September we have a new PhD student in the group. Elżbieta Jarosińska just started working in Emilia’s LIDER project.

Elżbieta graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at Warsaw University of Technology. Her master’s thesis was about development of a potentiometric biosensor for the analysis of arginase I activity in blood. Arginase I is one of the biomarkers of colorectal and breast cancers. The developed sensors were all-solid-state, with PEDOT as conductive layer between the membrane and the electrode. The major advantage of this type of electrodes is their easy miniaturisation, with the conducting polymer solving part of the problems associated with removal of the internal electrolyte from the electrode architecture. For the next few years Elżbieta will be working on miniaturized sensors and biosensors for cell culture applications, knowledge acquired during her MSc will surely come in handy. 

Welcome, Elżbieta! We will do our best to make you feel welcome and that your work will be successful.

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