Where to find us this year

Conference season is upon us and some of us (Bren… looking at you) have already had their share of conferencing. Below is a list, that will be updated as we go, on where you can meet us during the year.

7-10 MayISE 35th Topical Meeting, Gold Coast, AustraliaBrenInterfacial Polymerization via (Electro)-Fenton Process at a Polarized Soft Interface
18-19 MayX Łódzkie Sympozjum Doktorantów Chemii, Łódź, PolandJuliaFacilitated Transfer of Anions Between Immiscible Liquids at the Three-Phase Junction
23 JuneChemsession, Warsaw, PolandJuliaZastosowanie organożelu w układzie papierowym do oznaczania substancji perfluoroalkilowych (PFAS) pomiędzy niemieszającymi się roztworami elektrolitów
AndrzejZastosowanie systemów mikroprzepływowych w badaniach elektrochemicznych
KarolinaUłatwiony transfer anionów pomiędzy niemieszającymi się cieczami w układzie z elektrodą trojfazową
28-31 August2nd French-Polish Chemistry Congress, Montpellier, FranceMartinPOINT-OF-CARE TESTING FOR C-REACTIVE PROTEIN IN A SEQUENTIAL MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE
3-8 SeptemberISE annual meeting, Lyon, FranceMartinCharacterisation of an On-Chip Flow Injection System – Switching Time and the Issue of Adsorption of Ferrocenium on ITO
Formation of MnO2-based Electrode for Electrochemical Biosensor for Glucose Detection
JuliaFacilitated Transfer of Anions Between Immiscible Liquids at the Three-Phase Junction Using a Novel Modular Ionophore
8-12 October244th ECS Meeting, Göteborg, SwedenMartin
3-7 NovemberSMCBS ‘2023, Łochów, PolandMartin*
* To be verified

Some photos from the various conferences.

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