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87. S. Boonkaew, K. Szot-Karpińska, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson, B. Pałys, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Point-of-care testing for C-reactive protein in a sequential microfluidic device, Sens. Actuators B Chem. 397, 134659 (link – OA)(blog)

86. K. Szot-Karpińska, P. Kudła, U. Orzeł, M. Narajczyk, M. Jönsson -Niedziółka, B. Pałys, S. Filipek, A. Ebner, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Investigation of peptides for molecular recognition of C-reactive protein – theoretical and experimental studies, Anal. Chem. 95, 38, 14475–14483. (link – OA)(blog)

85. V. Poltavets, M. Krawczyk, G. Maslak, O. Abraimova, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Formation of MnO2-based electrodes with high catalytic activity on the surface of ITO for glucose detection, (preprint on ChemRxiv), Dalton Trans. 52, 13769 – 13780 (2023). (link – OA)(blog).

84. K. Kappalakandy Valapil, M. S. Filipiak, W. Rekiel, E. Jarosińska, W. Nogala, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, E. Witkowska Nery
Fabrication of ITO microelectrodes and electrode arrays using low-cost CO2 laser plotter, Lab Chip 23, 3802-3810 (2023). (preprint on ChemRxiv), (data available on RepOD). (link – OA)(blog)

83. S. J. Machera, J. Niedziołka-Jonsson, M. Jonsson-Niedziółka, K. Szot-Karpińska
Determination of the Dissociation Constant for Polyvalent Receptors using ELISA: a Case of M13 Phages Displaying Troponin T-specific Peptides, ACS Omega 8, 26253–26262 (2023). (link)(blog).


82. S. Boonkaew, A. Dettlaff, M. Sobaszek, R. Bogdanowicz, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Electrochemical determination of neurotransmitter serotonin using boron/nitrogen co-doped diamond-graphene nanowall-structured particles, J. Electroanal. Chem. 926, 116938 (2022). (link – OA)(blog)

81. T. Gabler, M. Janik, C. Liao, A. Myśliwiec, M. Koba, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, Y. Wang, M. Śmietana
Investigation of liquids with microcavity in-line Mach-Zehnder interferometers – impact of the microcavity shape on the sensing performance, Opt. Fiber Technol. 73, 103059 (2022). (link – OA)(blog)

80. R. Bogdanowicz, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, E. Vereshchagina, A. Dettlaff, S. Boonkaew, M. Pierpaoli, P. Wittendorp , S. Jain, F. Tyholdt, J. Thomas, P. Wojcik
Microfluidic devices for photo- and spectroelectrochemical applications, Curr. Opin. Electrochem. 36, 101138 (2022). (link – OA)(blog)

79. M. Wiloch, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Very small changes in the peptide sequence alter the redox properties of Aβ(11-16)-Cu(II) and pAβ(11-16)-Cu(II) β-amyloid complexes, J Electroanal Chem. 922, 116746 (2022). (link – OA)(ChemRxiv – preprint)(blog)

78. M. Z. Wiloch, N. Baran, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
The Influence of Coordination Mode on the Redox Properties of Copper Complexes with Aβ(3-16) and its Pyroglutamate Counterpart pAβ(3-16), ChemElectroChem 9(17), e202200623 (2022). (link)(ChemRxiv – preprint)(blog)

77. A. Krześniak, T. Gabler, M. Janik, M. Koba, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka*, M. Śmietana*
A microfluidic system for analysis of electrochemical processing using a highly sensitive optical fiber microcavity, Opt. Lasers Eng. 158 107173 (2022) (link – OA)(ChemRxiv – preprint)(blog)


76. T. Gabler, A. Krześniak, M. Janik, A. Myśliwiec, M. Koba, J. Buczyńska, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*, M. Śmietana*
Electrochemistry in an optical fiber microcavity – optical monitoring of electrochemical processes in picoliter volumes, Lab Chip 21, 2763-2770 (2021). (linkChemRxiv – OA) (blog)

75. M. Z. Wiloch*, E. Kuna, S. Kosiorek, V. Sashuk, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka*
The spectroelectrochemical behaviour of 1,4‐dimethoxypillar[5]arene (P5A) and its monomer in different organic solvents, ChemElectroChem 8, 1507– 1515 (2021). (link – OA)(blog)

74. K. Sulowska, E. Rozniecka, K. Wiwatowski, M. Janczuk-Richter, M. Jonsson-Niedziołka, J. Niedziołka-Jonsson, S. Mackowski
Patterned silver island paths as high-contrast optical sensing platforms, Mater. Sci Eng. B 268, 115124 (2021). (link)(blog)

73. E. Kuna, D. Mrdenovic, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, P. Pieta, and I. S. Pieta
Bimetallic nanocatalysts supported on graphitic carbon nitride for sustainable energy development: the shape-structure-activity relation, Nanoscale Adv. 3, 1342-1351 (2021). (link – OA)(blog)


72. M. Podrażka, E. Witkowska Nery, T. G. Henares, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, and D. W. M. Arrigan
Ion Transfer Voltammetry with an Electrochemical Pen, Anal. Chem. 92, 15997–16004. (link – OA)(blog)

71. Vishwanath R.S, M. Haga, T. Watanabe, E. Witkowska Nery, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka Three-Phase Electrochemistry of a Highly Lipophilic Neutral Ru-Complex Having Tridentate Bis(benzimidazolate)pyridine Ligands, Electrochim. Acta, 362, 137090 (link)(ChemRxiv Preprint)(blog)

70. W. Mazurkiewicz, M. Podrażka, E. Jarosińska, Karthika K. V., M. Wiloch, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, E. K. Witkowska Nery Paper‐based electrochemical sensors and how to make them (work), ChemElectroChem 7, 14, 2939-2956. (link)(blog)

69. D. Kowalska, M. Szalkowski, K. Sulowska, D. Buczynska, J. Niedziolka-Jonsson, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, J. Kargul, H. Lokstein, S. Mackowski
Silver Island Film for Enhancing Light Harvesting in Natural Photosynthetic Proteins, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 21, 2451 (2020). (link – OA)

68. M. Szalkowski, K. Sulowska, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, K. Wiwatowski, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson, S. Maćkowski, D. Piątkowski
Photochemical Printing of Plasmonically Active Silver Nanostructures, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 21, 2006 (2020). (link – OA)

67. M. S. Filipiak, D. Vetter, K. Thodkar, O. Gutíerrez-Sanz, M. Jönsson-Niedzółka, A. Tarasov
Electron transfer from FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase to single-sheet graphene electrodes, Electrochim. Acta 330, 134998 (2020). (link)(blog)


66. Vishwanath R.S., E. Witkowska Nery,  M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Electrochemical reduction of 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane at the n-octyl pyrrolidone/water/electrode three-phase junction, J. Electroanal. Chem. 854, 113558 (2019). (link)(blog)(free accepted manuscript)

65. M. Kundys-Siedlecka, E. Bączyńska, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine and Serotonin in the Presence of Interferences in a Rotating Droplet System, Anal. Chem. 91, 10908-10913. (link)(blog)

64. M. Janczuk-Richter, M. Dominik, M. Koba, W. J. Bock, S. Mackowski, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, J. Niedziolka-Jonsson, M. Smietana
Water-induced fused silica glass surface alterations monitored using long-period fiber gratings, J. Lightwave Technol. 37, 4542-4548. (link)(blog)

63. M. Podrażka, J. Maciejewska, W. Adamiak, E. Witkowska Nery, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Facilitated cation transfer at a three-phase junction and its applicability for ionophore evaluation, Electrochim. Acta 307, 326-333 (2019). (link – free preprint)(blog)

62. Vishwanath R.S, E. Witkowska Nery, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Electrochemistry of selected quinones at immiscible n-octyl-2-pyrrolidone/aqueous interface using a three-phase electrode system, Electrochim. Acta 306, 54-60 (2019). (link – free preprint)(blog)

61. K. Szot-Karpińska, A. Leśniewski, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, F. Marken, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Electrodes modified with bacteriophages and carbon nanofibres for cysteine detection, Sensors Actuat. B – Chem. 287, 78-85 (2019). (link)(blog)


60. E. Witkowska Nery, M. Kundys-Siedlecka, Y. Furuya, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Pencil Lead as a Material for Microfluidic 3D-Electrode Assemblies, Sensors 18(11), 4037 (2018). (link – OA)(blog)

59. N. Akulich, N. Ivanova, I. Zharskii, M. Jönsson‐Niedziółka
Properties of zinc coatings electrochemically passivated in sodium molybdate. Surf. Interf. Anal. 50, 1310-1318 (2018). (link)(blog)

58. M. Podrażka, E. Witkowska Nery, A. Paczowska, D. Arrigan, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Paper-based system for ion transfer across the liquid-liquid interface. Anal. Chem. 90,  8727-8731 (2018). (link)(blog)

57. E. Brzozowska, A. Leśniewski, S. Sek, R. Wieneke, R. Tampé, S. Gorska, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Interactions of bacteriophage T4 adhesin with selected lipopolysaccharides studied using atomic force microscopy, Sci. Reports 8, 10935 (2018). (link – OA)(blog)

56. S. Kotowicz, D. Sęk, S. Kula, A. Fabiańczyk, M. Siwy, M. Filapek, A. Szłapa-Kula, J. Grzegorz Małecki, M. Jonsson-Niedziółka, J. Niedziółka-Jonsson, K. Smolarek, S. Maćkowski, E. Schab-Balcerzak
Malononitrile derivatives as push-pull molecules: structure – properties relationships characterization, J. Lumin. 203,  455-466 (2008). (link)(blog)

55.  J. Grzelak, K. Sulowska, A. Leśniewski, E. Roźniecka, M. Janczuk-Richter, Ł. Richter, M. Łoś, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, S. Maćkowski, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Capturing fluorescing viruses with silver nanowires, Sensors Actuat. B – Chem., 273, 689–695 (2018). (link)(blog)

54. J. Jedraszko, M. Michalak, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, W. Nogala
Hopping mode SECM imaging of redox activity in ionic liquid with glass-coated inlaid platinum nanoelectrodes prepared using a heating coil puller, J. Electroanal. Chem. 815, 231-237 (2018). (link)(blog)


53. P. Kannan, T. Maiyalagan, E. Marsili*, S. Ghosh, L. Guo, Y. Huang, J. A. Rather, D. Thiruppathi, J. Niedziolka-Jönsson*, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*
Highly active 3-dimensional cobalt oxide nanostructures on the flexible carbon substrates for enzymeless glucose sensing, Analyst 142, 4299-4307 (2017). (link)(blog)

52. M. Kundys, M. Nejbauer, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka , W. Adamiak
Generation–Collection Electrochemistry Inside a Rotating Droplet, Anal. Chem. 89, 8057–8063. (link)(blog)


51. E. Witkowska Nery,  M. Kundys, P. S. Jeleń, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Electrochemical glucose sensing – is there still room for improvement?, Anal. Chem. 88, 11271–11282 (2016). (link) (blog)

50. M. Kundys, W. Adamiak, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka
Rotating droplet as a new alternative for small volume electrochemical measurements, Electrochem. Commun. 72, 46-49 (2016). (link)(blog)

49. W. Adamiak, D. Kaluza, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka
Compatibility of organic solvents for electrochemical measurements in PDMS-based microfluidic devices, Microfluid. Nanofluid. 20, 127 (2016). (link)(blog)

48. M. Dubiak-Szepietowska, A. Karczmarczyk, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, T. Winckler, K.-H. Feller
Development of complex-shaped liver multicellular spheroids as a human-based model for nanoparticle toxicity assessment in vitro, Toxicol. Appl. Pharm. 294, 78-85 (2016). (link)

47. P. Kannan, T. Maiyalagan, E. Marsili*, S. Ghosh, J. Niedziolka-Jönsson*, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*
Hierarchical 3-Dimensional Nickel-Iron Nanosheet Arrays on Carbon Fiber Paper as a Novel Electrode for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensing, Nanoscale 8, 843-855 (2016). (link)


46. W. Adamiak, J. Jedraszko, W. Nogala, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, S. Dongmo, G. Wittstock, H. H. Girault, and M. Opallo
A Simple Liquid–Liquid Biphasic System for Hydrogen Peroxide Generation, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 20011–20015 (2015). (link)

45. W. Nogala, P. Kannan, S. Gawinkowski, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, M. Kominiak, J. Waluk and M. Opallo
Tailored gold nanostructure arrays as catalysts for oxygen reduction in alkaline media and single molecule SERS platform, Nanoscale 7, 10767-10774 (2015). (link)

44. M. S. Filipiak, A. Zloczewska, P. Grzeskowiak, R. Lynch, and M. Jönsson-Niedziółka*
Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane photooxidation on titania based photoanodes and its implication for photoelectrochemical biofuel cells, J. Power Sources 289, 17-21 (2015). (link) (Free preprint)

43. D. Kaluza, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*, S.D. Ahn, R.E. Owen, M.D. Jones, F. Marken*
Solid-Solid-EC’ TEMPO-Electrocatalytic Conversion of Diphenylcarbinol to Benzophenone, J. Solid State Electrochem. 19, 1277-1283 (2015). (link)

42. S. D. Ahn, D. Kaluza, J. M. Mitchels, M. Jönsson-Niedziólka, and F. Marken
Carbon Microsphere – Polystyrene Composite Electrode for Three-Phase Boundary Oil Analysis: Quinizarin in Methyllaurate, Electroanal. 27, 1043-1049. (link) (free preprint)


41. J. Dolinska, P. Kannan, V. Sashuk, Z. Kaszkur, J. W. Sobczak, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, and M. Opallo
The Versatile Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Glucose on Bimetallic Nanoparticulate Film Electrode, J. Electrochem. Soc. 161, H3088-H3094 (2014). (link)

40. T. Maiyalagan, P. Kannan*, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka* and J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Tungsten Carbide Nanotubes Supported Platinum Nanoparticles as a Potential Sensing Platform for Oxalic Acid, Anal. Chem. 86, 7849–7857 (2014). (link).

39. M. Kundys, K. Szot, E. Rozniecka, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, R. Lawrence, S. D. Bull, F. Marken and M. Opallo
Electrochemical determination of selected neurotransmitters at electrodes modified with oppositely charged carbon nanoparticles, Anal. Methods 6, 7532 – 7539 (2014). (link)

38. J. Dolinska, P. Kannan, V. Sashuk, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, Z. Kaszkur, W. Lisowski and M. Opallo
Electrocatalytic Synergy on Nanoparticulate Films Prepared from Oppositely Charged Pt and Au Nanoparticles, ChemElectroChem 1, 1023–1026 (2014). (link)

37. A. Lesniewski, M. Los, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, A. Krajewska, K. Szot, J. M. Los and J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Antibody modified gold nanoparticles for fast and selective, colorimetric T7 bacteriophage detection, Bioconjugate Chem. 25, 644-648 (2014) (link)

36. D. Kaluza, W. Adamiak*, M. Opallo and M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*
Comparison of Ion Transfer Thermodynamics at Microfluidic and Droplet Based Three Phase Electrodes, Electrochim. Acta 132, 158–164 (2014) (link)

35. E. Rozniecka, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka*, A. Celebanska, J. Niedziolka-Jonsson and M. Opallo*
Electrochemical detection of dopamine in microfluidic channel on carbon nanoparticulate electrodes, Analyst 139, 2896-2903 (2014) (link)

34. A. Zloczewska, A. Celebanska, K. Szot; D. Tomaszewska, M. Opallo, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka*
Self-Powered Biosensor for Ascorbic Acid with a Prussian Blue Electrochromic Display, Biosens. Bioelectron. 54, 455–461 (2014) (link)


33. D. Kaluza, W. Adamiak, T. Kalwarczyk, K. Sozanski, M. Opallo, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka*
The anomalous effect of flow rate on the electrochemical behavior at a liquid|liquid interface under microfluidic conditions, Langmuir 29, 16034–16039 (2013) (link)

32. J. Dolinska, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, V. Sashuk, M. Opallo
The effect of electrocatalytic nanoparticle injection on the electrochemical response at a rotating disc electrode, Electrochem Commun 37, 100-103 (2013). (link)

31. K. Szot, A. de Poulpiquet, A. Ciaccafava, H. Marques, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, J. Niedziolka-Jönsson, F. Marken, E. Lojou, M. Opallo
Carbon nanoparticulate films as effective scaffolds for mediatorless bioelectrocatalytic hydrogen oxidation, Electrochim Acta 111, 434-440 (2013) (link)

30. J. Urban, A. Zloczewska, W. Stryczniewicz, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*
Enzymatic oxygen reduction under quiescent conditions – the importance of convection, Electrochem Commun. 34, 94-97 (2013). (link)

29. F. Lapierre, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka, Y. Coffinier, R. Boukherroub, V. Thomy
Droplet transport by ElectroWetting: Lets get rough!, Microfluid. Nanofluid. 15, 327-336 (2013). (link)

28. A. Zloczewska, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka*
Efficient Air-breathing Biocathodes for Zinc/Oxygen Batteries, J. Power Sources 228, 104-111 (2013). (link)

27. K. Szot, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, E. Rozniecka, F. Marken, M. Opallo
Direct electrochemistry of adsorbed proteins and bioelectrocatalysis at film electrode prepared from oppositely charged carbon nanoparticles, Electrochim. Acta 89, 132-138 (2013). (link)


26. I. Kaminska, M. Jönsson-Niedziółka, A. Kaminska, M. Pisarek, R. Holyst, M. Opallo, J. Niedziółka-Jönsson
Electrodeposition of Well-Adhered Multifarious Au-Particles at a Solid|Toluene|Aqueous Electrolyte Three-Phase Junction, J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 22476-22485 (2012). (link)


25. A. Celebanska, A. Lesniewski, M. Paszewski, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, J. Niedziolka-Jonsson, M. Opallo
Gold three dimensional film electrode prepared from oppositely charged nanoparticles, Electrochem. Commun. 13, 1170-1173 (2011). (link)

24. E. Rozniecka, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, J. W. Sobczak, M. Opallo
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23. K.Szot, M. Jonsson-Niedziolka, B. Palys, J. Niedziolka-Jonsson
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22. A. Zloczewska, M. Jönsson-Niedziolka*, J. Rogalski, M. Opallo
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EWOD driven cleaning of bioparticles on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces, Lab Chip 11, 490-496 (2011). (link)


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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

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